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Space Clearing Ceremony Kit

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Now more than ever, our rooms have become the physical boundaries in which we live, love, work, sleep, and grow, and our surrounding spaces influence us more than we know - emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

The Space Clearing Ceremony kit is designed to clear lingering, negative, or stagnant energy from a space, and invites you to set new intentions and positive manifestations for yourself within the space.


This ceremony kit is the perfect gift for someone who is looking to start afresh in their home. Ideal for someone who has just bought a house or is setting up a home office. 


4oz Dawn Transformation Spray, Abalone Shell, Sage Bundle, Matches, Candle, Golden Bell, Four Assorted Crystals, Himalayan Pink Salts, Cards and Pencil, Silk Ceremony Cloth, Coaster, Wooden Fan, Guided Meditation and Instruction Booklet.



In acknowledgment of the origins of these rituals, and with great gratitude for and deference to the Indigenous communities who hold them sacred, we will be donating a percentage of the profits from each Space Clearing Ceremony Kit to the Native Wellness Institute, which promotes the physical and emotional wellbeing of Native people through programs and trainings that embrace the teachings and traditions of their ancestors.