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Morning Loveliness Ritual Kit

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Rise with the dawn and begin your morning with a simple and lovely ritual of sacred self care to awaken your mind, ground your body, and ignite your gratitude. This kit contains three of Birla Angelica's signature essential products, all handmade and created with love. 


Gently work the Dawn Everything Oil into your skin, focusing on a few ideas and intentions that you’re carrying with you into the new day. Massage a small amount of the Deodorant Cream under each of your arms, making sure it absorbs well. This doubles as a quick massage for your lymph nodes, creating more flow throughout your body and cleansing your lymphatic system. Use the Transformation Spray as a finisher - set a loving intention for your day, breathe deep, and walk through the mist. Now you’re ready for the day.


.5oz. Dawn Deodorant, 1oz. Dawn Transformation Spray, 1oz. Dawn Everything Oil, 2 Crystal Gemstones, Beeswax Tea-light, Matches.