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Love Ritual Kit

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This ritual kit invites you to celebrate love in its many magnificent forms. Whether we are learning to love ourselves or awakening a new layer of love with a partner, this elegant erotic kit is designed for exquisite intimate connection with yourself or another. Each product heightens your senses, brings you fully into your body and ignites a feeling of play, exploration, and curiosity. Gift this box to a friend or partner and invite them to get in touch with their sensual side, or gift it to yourself - after all, self love is the root of all love. 


Use this kit for an intimate connection with yourself or another and as a reminder to make sacred space for play, sensuality, and sensory experiences. Generously spray the Transformation Spray to cleanse the energy in the space. Light the candle to set the mood, and spread a sheet over your bed so you can be in the moment without worrying about a mess. Soften your skin with the Everything Oil. Warm the Melt Me Massage Bar between your hands - it melts upon skin contact. Use it and the Everything Oil to give yourself or another an intimate massage, beginning with the hands and feet. Use the silk eye mask and the feather to elevate the massage into a powerful sensual experience - when you remove one sense, the rest are heightened. Take your time truly loving yourself or another. Touch your body as if it were the first time. Be curious. Explore. Radiate love. 


1oz. Dawn Transformation Spray, 1oz. Dusk Everything Oil, Melt Me Massage Bar, Silk Eye Mask in Satin Pouch, Ostrich Feather, Candle, Matches, Coaster