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Evening Shower Ritual Kit

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This kit contains three of Birla Angelica's signature products, all handmade and created with love to transform your everyday evening shower into a sacred ritual of self care. Use this kit in the evening to ground your mind and relax your body - breathe deep, scrub away the day, and give your skin some TLC.


In the shower, use the Salt Scrub on your body, and the Sugar Scrub on your face. While you do this, hold an intention of love for your body and gratitude for your life, all the sweet small ways that it is singularly yours. Apply a generous layer of Love Your Face Cream before going to bed, and let the day go, holding onto nothing but gratitude for your life and love for the unique journey you are on.


2oz. Dusk Pink Salt Scrub, .5oz. Sugar Scrub, .5oz. Love Your Face Cream, Beeswax Tea-light Candle, Matches.