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Dusk and Dawn Ceremony Kit

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Is your morning routine a chaotic cacophony of caffeine and hitting snooze? Is putting yourself to bed more akin to sleepily tumbling into bed? The Dusk and Dawn Ritual kit will help you shape and stick to morning and evening rituals grounded in intentionality, love for your body, and growing gratitude for the good in your life, both big and small. Try it and watch your whole life transform.


One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is how life changing it is to start your days with intention. It jumpstarts the mind and opens and expands the heart. This kit will give you the tools to create your own personal rituals, ones that will help you care for yourself more deeply and see the world around you more clearly.
How we begin and end our days colors everything that happens in between. How we wake up in the morning and how we fall asleep at night dictates how we treat ourselves, each other, and the world around us. This thoughtful and thorough kit contains everything you need to bookend your days with an infusion of purpose, inspiration, and self love.


Silk Eye Mask, Pillar Candle, Coaster, Matches, Dusk & Dawn Journal, Pen, Morning and Evening Guided Meditations, and Intention-setting Affirmation Cards and 2 Instruction Booklets. 

Skin care is an essential part of crafting a sacred morning and evening ritual, so we’ve incorporated our signature handmade products designed to enhance your everyday: 4oz Dawn Transformation Spray, 4oz Dusk Transformation Spray, 2oz Dawn Deodorant Cream, 8oz Dusk Whipped Body Butter, and 2oz Love Your Face Cream. Apply liberally and with gratitude for everything your body does for you.



In acknowledgement of the immense privilege of having a morning and evening routine that takes for granted that we will have a roof over our heads and our basic needs met, we will be donating a percentage of the profits from each Dusk and Dawn Ceremony Kit to the Downtown Women’s Center, a Los Angeles-based organization focused exclusively on serving and empowering women experiencing homelessness.