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Car Blessing Ritual Kit

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Hand Sanitizer Scent


On average, we’re in our cars for about eight hours a week. Who says your daily commute can’t be a sacred space? Make your car into a bubble of beauty and tranquility with this curated kit, which includes amethyst crystals for your dashboard, and our Dawn and Dusk Transformation Sprays to refresh you and transform your space from stressful to peaceful, no matter what lies ahead of you on the road of life. We’ve also included our Hand Sanitizer, infused with energizing aromatherapy. This car blessing ritual kit is a sweet and useful gift for yourself or for someone who spends a lot of time in transit and is craving a way to connect with the everyday sacred.


Use the Dawn Transformation Spray for a lift, and the Dusk Transformation Spray for grounding. Apply the Hand Sanitizer upon entering your car. After it dries, cup your face in your hands and breathe in - All better! . Fasten the amethyst crystals on your dashboard with the strong velcro. Make sure to notice the way they catch the sunlight throughout the day. 


2oz. Hand Sanitizer, 1oz. Dawn Transformation Spray, 1oz. Dusk Transformation Spray, 2 Amethyst Crystals, 2 Velcro Fasteners.